Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 6- Sep 2, 2013

So , Day 5 (Sunday ) was a big rest.. a negative day where i had doubts on my future achievements. Let that pass away..

So today is Monday a new week , training session is scheduled , office is off (Labor day).. Target is to  put in good effort in evening.. I am actually writing this blog after the session and from now on I will try to summarize my exercises too for you.. Will put that below.. But before that , I would like to confess .. I had a big dinner today ( holiday and family outing made that happen and I let it happen).. So bit disappointed but then need to take that in stride..

Here is the workout session  for today..

1. 3 min warm up jogging (1.5 incline , 5.2 m/hr)
2. Thigh stretches , frog stretches, calf and hamstring stretches.

Started with

1. 2 sides squats
2. Planks side and full
3. Alternate Side planks with dips followed by full sit ups
4. Jumping jacks
5. Bench Press , followed by Jumping jacks ( 3 sets )
6. Curls ( 20 Pounds) followed by Jumping Jacks
7. Shoulder Press followed by side jogs ( 3 sets )
8. Bench Press followed by jumping jacks
9. Leg Extensions and Leg curls 2 sets each
10. Curls(25 Pounds ) followed by Shoulder press.

Total of 1 hr.

Tomorrow ( Tuesday schedule ): Jogging 2 -2.5 Miles ( Mixed with interval training ) followed by Squats with Weights and other body weight exercises.. Will update with all other exercises I did..

Dinner for today: Bean salad and 2 eggs.

Hoping to hit hard this week

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