Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 4 , 31 August 2013

Day 4 : 31 August 2013

Picking the strings from yesterday .. a great day as far as workout is concerned , I put in a good effort , though it was supposed to be a relaxing and light exercise day but at the end it turned out  to be  a good cardio and resistance training workout. 25 min of interval treadmill followed by 30 min of Planks and light weight exercise  and to end up another half mile light jog.. So satisfying day as far as workout is concerned.. was also not bad .. Dinner was a chapati , sabzi and 2 eggs.

Overall a nice day and expecting many more like this one..

So lets move on and talk about today .. a new day and new beginning. Saturday , a lazy day .. plan is to put in 2-3 miles of jog followed by some light weight exercises.. dinner should be light.. One thing i observed - the workout in evening ( which consists of running / jogging ) seems be effective for me. I see a drop in some weight coming morning and feel relatively light.

On weighing scale , i measured 211.2 today morning ( a bit of loss here and i assume it is legitimate and will hold up).. My target is to be under 212 by Monday morning ( 2 Sep) and then short goal is to get to 210 ( Hoping this to be achieved by Sep 10 )..

Cheer for me and best of luck to me for going on..

Good night guys and will let you know how it went for saturday evening...ADIOS.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 3 : August 30, 2013

Day 3, 2013..

Lets start with yesterday's plan update: Thursday  , August 29.. it was a good day , I trained with my trainer for an hour , though the hour could have had more calories burned but I would say I am improving .. looking for Monday with trainer to burn much more than what i did on thrusday..

The diet was also OK if not perfect.. though could have been better , had some carbs after workout ( around 7:30 pm ) and then dinner was fine ( eggs and salad and 1/2 parantha with bharta)..

So Thursday gone and with this day , four days of week and gone , 3 tough exercise days and 2 moderate.. I would say a good 4 days.. Now I need to shake that off and concentrate on coming 3 days.. Friday, Saturday and Sunday before starting a brand new week. My focus is bit  shaky but i need to come back and hit moderately hard in these 3 days.

Friday Plan: 2 miles jog on treadmill or on tracks ,it will be done late evening.. the diet should be same as I was having other 4 days. Will try to curb some carbs in evening .. if possible.

I need a rest day to recover , so if I am not feeling great on Friday evening , i will skip the workout for a good sleep.

Saturday: If workout done on Friday evening , I will sleep late in Saturday morning and do some recovery with moderate diet to get ready for attack on Sunday.

Sunday: Should be a action day with 2 miles of jog and arm excercises, My arms are week so i need to devise some good exercises for it..

Keep your diet in Check and lets rock and roll

PS: my weight standing at 212.4 Pounds , which i am targeting to get to 212 by Monday Morning.

Best of training Amit and keep going.. I am sure people will cherish this blog 50 days from today.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 2 : August 29 ,2013

Day2 : August 29 , 2013

As planned yesterday , I was able to follow my plan of excercise which was jogging for 20-25 min and do some very light excercise.. Had light food for dinner .. a chapati / subzi..

So overall good Wednesday , Start of Thrusday was good .. feeling positve about my workouts. By Afternoon I started feeling dull as it happens everyday.. Now writting this blog to cheer me up and get ready for evening workout.. Today Will  be training with my personal trainer and hoping to put in great efforts.On weighing scale today I meansure 212.4 .. which was encouraging .. Expecting to go under 212 by end of this week..

Plan for Today: 1 hr good excercise and healthy food for dinner.

Will let you know if I was able to execute my plan well .. Stay tuned and have a great workout.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 1 : Augest 28 , 2013

Day 1:  I have been through 10 weeks of Personal training excercising with trainer twice a week. The training covered strength training aimed to loose fat and build stamina so that i can survive lengthier sessions and burn more calories.. After 10 weeks ( 20 days of training ) , I can say my stamina is increased and I have seen a little decrease in my waist size along with a cut of 6-7 pounds.

Ok , let me take you couple of months back.. I was around 220 pounds and tried lot of things to fight my fat and  i gained nothing but frustration. I decided to hire a personal trainer so that i can work with him. The idea was to build the discipline and routine which can help me reach to a point from where i can start loosing some fat and become enlightned with the process.

After putting in 2 months with him with out any missed sessions ( Every Monday and Thrusday for 1 hr each) , I am little better on my workout routines and feeling (occassionaly) that i can do it ( Still lots of negative feelings and doubts about my weight loss ). The plan (objectively) is to increase the workout frequency to 5 days a week and check the diet all the times.

Today is wednesday and i am relaxing today after putting in good effort on Monday and Tuesday.For resy of  this week I plan to do 2 more very active sessions ( thrusday and Saturday ) and atleast 1 more light session , The very active sesssions consists of personal training ( 2 days) for 1 hr with my traininer which covers the body weight trainings and interval trainings with light weights and body movements , the other 2 very active sessions will consists of interval sprint runs followed by light weight excercises ( 45 min each).. The 1 light session should cover the 2 mile jog on treadmill or tracks..

On Day1 of this Blog , I am standing at 213 pounds (  with out any clothes on) .

As far as my diet is concerned , to start with my goal is to each no starchy carb after 7 pm atleast 2 days a week..

So Today is my no carb day after 7 pm , I will have 3 -4 eggs and some lentils for dinner.

I am writting this to be accountable to myself.. Will log tommorow if I was able to achieve my goals for today..

Good night and stay tuned.  It will be an interesing ride.