Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 11 , Sep 7 2013

Saturday .. Sep 7 , 2013

Weekend and tend to be on fatty side .. but good thing about the day is having a great workout .. new workout , following trainer and did 30 min of fat buster workout consists of body weight exercises .. combined with weight training all done in continuous manner to keep calories burning.

 Workout was great.. Dinner was eating out , but in limited quantities.

Immediate target is to go under 210 and then aim for 205. Reminding you , I stopped working with trainer Rob. So I need to find alternates for coming week .. searching for other trainer. I have aerobics sessions lined up from Sep 26 in office , but need to get going till Sep 26.. So will keep you updated about the trainer in coming posts.

Hoping to have a good Sunday

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