Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 29 , Sep 26 .2013

Thursday: Sep 26,2013

So today is 29th day of this blog and I am doing pretty well in terms of maintaining my workouts and maintaining  this blog.. The biggest fear of mine is to be become complacent and start  missing my workouts.. Need to conquer that.. Hope to keep going and going for another month and then 2 months.

So lets start from Yesterday

Workout with Darin: Heart rate controlled and not so strenuous on body. Need to check if that is gonna be beneficial to me

warm up
Strength training : 3 sets of squats ( 25 pounds dumbbells ) , 3 sets of laterals, 2 push ups ,  2 TRX, and couple more exercises with Jumping jacks in between to keep heart rate going.

30 min of treadmill maintaining heart rate in 137-140 zone ( 3.5 m/hr walking did it with 2 incline)

1 hr in total.

Diet was Ok

Today's Plan

5 K treadmill ( 34-35 min ) followed by planks , pushups, burpees.

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