Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 4 , 31 August 2013

Day 4 : 31 August 2013

Picking the strings from yesterday .. a great day as far as workout is concerned , I put in a good effort , though it was supposed to be a relaxing and light exercise day but at the end it turned out  to be  a good cardio and resistance training workout. 25 min of interval treadmill followed by 30 min of Planks and light weight exercise  and to end up another half mile light jog.. So satisfying day as far as workout is concerned.. was also not bad .. Dinner was a chapati , sabzi and 2 eggs.

Overall a nice day and expecting many more like this one..

So lets move on and talk about today .. a new day and new beginning. Saturday , a lazy day .. plan is to put in 2-3 miles of jog followed by some light weight exercises.. dinner should be light.. One thing i observed - the workout in evening ( which consists of running / jogging ) seems be effective for me. I see a drop in some weight coming morning and feel relatively light.

On weighing scale , i measured 211.2 today morning ( a bit of loss here and i assume it is legitimate and will hold up).. My target is to be under 212 by Monday morning ( 2 Sep) and then short goal is to get to 210 ( Hoping this to be achieved by Sep 10 )..

Cheer for me and best of luck to me for going on..

Good night guys and will let you know how it went for saturday evening...ADIOS.

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