Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 2 : August 29 ,2013

Day2 : August 29 , 2013

As planned yesterday , I was able to follow my plan of excercise which was jogging for 20-25 min and do some very light excercise.. Had light food for dinner .. a chapati / subzi..

So overall good Wednesday , Start of Thrusday was good .. feeling positve about my workouts. By Afternoon I started feeling dull as it happens everyday.. Now writting this blog to cheer me up and get ready for evening workout.. Today Will  be training with my personal trainer and hoping to put in great efforts.On weighing scale today I meansure 212.4 .. which was encouraging .. Expecting to go under 212 by end of this week..

Plan for Today: 1 hr good excercise and healthy food for dinner.

Will let you know if I was able to execute my plan well .. Stay tuned and have a great workout.

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