Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 1 : Augest 28 , 2013

Day 1:  I have been through 10 weeks of Personal training excercising with trainer twice a week. The training covered strength training aimed to loose fat and build stamina so that i can survive lengthier sessions and burn more calories.. After 10 weeks ( 20 days of training ) , I can say my stamina is increased and I have seen a little decrease in my waist size along with a cut of 6-7 pounds.

Ok , let me take you couple of months back.. I was around 220 pounds and tried lot of things to fight my fat and  i gained nothing but frustration. I decided to hire a personal trainer so that i can work with him. The idea was to build the discipline and routine which can help me reach to a point from where i can start loosing some fat and become enlightned with the process.

After putting in 2 months with him with out any missed sessions ( Every Monday and Thrusday for 1 hr each) , I am little better on my workout routines and feeling (occassionaly) that i can do it ( Still lots of negative feelings and doubts about my weight loss ). The plan (objectively) is to increase the workout frequency to 5 days a week and check the diet all the times.

Today is wednesday and i am relaxing today after putting in good effort on Monday and Tuesday.For resy of  this week I plan to do 2 more very active sessions ( thrusday and Saturday ) and atleast 1 more light session , The very active sesssions consists of personal training ( 2 days) for 1 hr with my traininer which covers the body weight trainings and interval trainings with light weights and body movements , the other 2 very active sessions will consists of interval sprint runs followed by light weight excercises ( 45 min each).. The 1 light session should cover the 2 mile jog on treadmill or tracks..

On Day1 of this Blog , I am standing at 213 pounds (  with out any clothes on) .

As far as my diet is concerned , to start with my goal is to each no starchy carb after 7 pm atleast 2 days a week..

So Today is my no carb day after 7 pm , I will have 3 -4 eggs and some lentils for dinner.

I am writting this to be accountable to myself.. Will log tommorow if I was able to achieve my goals for today..

Good night and stay tuned.  It will be an interesing ride.

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