Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 3 : August 30, 2013

Day 3, 2013..

Lets start with yesterday's plan update: Thursday  , August 29.. it was a good day , I trained with my trainer for an hour , though the hour could have had more calories burned but I would say I am improving .. looking for Monday with trainer to burn much more than what i did on thrusday..

The diet was also OK if not perfect.. though could have been better , had some carbs after workout ( around 7:30 pm ) and then dinner was fine ( eggs and salad and 1/2 parantha with bharta)..

So Thursday gone and with this day , four days of week and gone , 3 tough exercise days and 2 moderate.. I would say a good 4 days.. Now I need to shake that off and concentrate on coming 3 days.. Friday, Saturday and Sunday before starting a brand new week. My focus is bit  shaky but i need to come back and hit moderately hard in these 3 days.

Friday Plan: 2 miles jog on treadmill or on tracks ,it will be done late evening.. the diet should be same as I was having other 4 days. Will try to curb some carbs in evening .. if possible.

I need a rest day to recover , so if I am not feeling great on Friday evening , i will skip the workout for a good sleep.

Saturday: If workout done on Friday evening , I will sleep late in Saturday morning and do some recovery with moderate diet to get ready for attack on Sunday.

Sunday: Should be a action day with 2 miles of jog and arm excercises, My arms are week so i need to devise some good exercises for it..

Keep your diet in Check and lets rock and roll

PS: my weight standing at 212.4 Pounds , which i am targeting to get to 212 by Monday Morning.

Best of training Amit and keep going.. I am sure people will cherish this blog 50 days from today.

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