Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 71 , Nov 7 , 2013

Thursday  , Nov 7 2013

Derailed a bit in logging what I am doing for last  1 week.. But it is imperative for me to get back on track and log everyday what I am doing.

Standing at 195 and aiming at 189 on  Dec 1 (Morning weight)

Need a fresh plan to achieve these 6 pounds. I have got 24 days.. So 1 pound in 4 days..  That is a challenging target.. Would like to achieve that.

The Plan

Workouts - 3 Workouts a week of Strength Training  , 30 -40 min of Cardio everyday.
Diet -  Night watching is necessity .. no carbs or limited carbs , throw away the bhujia/biscuit from your cub board today..Cook your food , no outside chicken as exception, protein source is eggs and whey

Protein: 6 Eggs -  2 Scoops of Protein
Carbs:  Vegetables / Roti/ Bread but all before 7 PM.
Fat: Reduce , use only ghee to cook your food

Cook yourself. 

Water: Atleast a Gallon
Sleep:  10:30 - 6:30 ( 8 hrs of Sleep is a must )

Logging: Everyday is a must

So tomorrow is the day which should say , yesterday was clean.

Best of luck and 189 should be not far.

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